Our Park

Slam Dunk and darts

Jump Maniax offers a unique slam dunk and darts section for people to enjoy, challenge your family and friends to a game of inflatable darts and slam dunk.

Toddler Area

Featuring its very own toddler area with lots to do, including its own inflatable slide, this area is for under 5’s so your younger children can play safely in their designated area.

Wipeout Zone

Can you survive the wipeout zone? duck and jump whilst trying to stay on your platform as the beams spin round and get faster at every turn, see who can stay on the longest. The wipeout zone will operate for a minimum of 15 minutes in every 1 hour session.

Battle Beams

Play against family, friends, work colleagues and battle each other with the beams provided whilst balancing on another beam and trying not to get hit off your opponent.

Climbing Wall

Can you hang on and climb across the wall? You need good grip and abit of upper body strength to pull yourself up and across, don’t worry though, if you fall you land on a comfy inflatable.

Wrecking Ball

Try not to get hit whilst balancing on the platform and throwing the ball back at your opponents, dodge the wrecking ball.


2 seperate games, similar objectives. Wac a mole is as you guessed, wac the mole as they pop up, the mole can be anyone you choose, provided with a helmet of course. Wac a light is you vs someone and a timer, whoever gets the most lights in the time wins.


Multiple inflatable slides crashing down into a pit full of plastic balls, these slides go fast so be prepared to scream.

Ninja Climbing Wall

A tougher, steeper challenge. Run as fast as you can and pull yourself up the ninja climbing wall to the top, use the ropes for assistance if needed.

Ninja Obstacle Course

A one-way obstacle course with lots of different challenges along the way to slow you down. Great fun for all ages trying to make it round to the end.

Multi-Sports Arena

The multi-sports arena is somewhere where the children and adults can play football and basketball in a safe soft arena, practise your diving skills as a goal keeper and don’t worry about hurting yourself when you hit the ground.

Even more attractions

Jump Maniax has even more attractions such as a one way inlatable maze and a small under 5s soft play area and toys upstairs, the upstairs also features a cafe serving hot and cold food and drink all day long, the facility also has lockers for you to keep your things safe when on the arena. Have a look through some more pictures of the park and attractions on offer.