The summer holidays can be costly if you don’t plan, in this article we will share some top tips to have an amazing summer in your home town without having to spend too much money, from days to the park, long walks down the beach, at-home inflatable adventure park, water fights and much more to save a penny whilst maximizing your fun this summer.

Jump Maniax Inflatable Adventure Park

Jump Maniax inflatable adventure park wants to help our readers save some money this summer so we have compiled a list of 20 top tips to make sure you have a fun summer. For further reading, you can view the Very Well Families post on 100 summer fun ideas for kids and parents.

  • Watch a sunrise

One of the nicest ways to start your day is to watch the sunrise. In the summer this is earlier than usual so be prepared to wake up early. The average time for the sun rising in the summer in the UK is 4:44am, so get yourselves to sleep early the night before, wake up and grab a coffee and find the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. You can check online which direction the sun will be rising from and make sure you are in a nice spot ready and waiting.

Get your smartphones ready as you will be able to capture a beautiful family moment and photograph as the sun rises in the background. The perfect way to kick off your summers day without spending a penny.

Summer time fun
  • Go for a walk in the nature

You have watched the sunrise, your already out, you may as well go for a nice walk and experience the morning fresh air as the air gets warmers and the day starts to brighten up. Its known that a morning walk is a calm and positive way to start your day. Not only is it good exercise for you and your family, its also a healthy exercise that you all can enjoy, and, it costs you nothing to enjoy.

  • Have breakfast in the garden

After you have watched the sunrise and been for a walk, call back home and have breakfast in your garden or on the closet field. Make your usual favourites and dine outside making the most of the fresh air and beautiful summers day. Some nice fruit and orange juice goes down well in the morning with some freshly cooked pancakes. Whatever you decide, even if its just a bowl of coco pops, enjoy the blissness of summer dining with your family outside within mother nature.

You can find some great, un traditional and healthy breakfast combinations online which don’t cost much to prepare, for example a pack of 4 quasonts are less than £1, some orange juice £1, a pack of strawberries £2 and some bananas for £1 feeding a family of 4 for less than £5. Granted its not as cheap as a box of cereal and milk which will last for a few days or a loaf of bread lasting a few days also, but you can find lots of options online even cheaper than our example.

  • Afternoon Fun

Time to fill up your afternoon with something exciting, fun filled and certain to keep your whole family entertained for a few hours. For this you have lots of cost effective options, and, depending on your budget some can also be free. Below we will list the most popular options we could find and the rough cost to do it.

  • Go to the park (FREE)
  • Visit a museum (FREE)
  • Bike Ride (FREE)
  • Arts & crafts day (FREE)
  • Go for ice cream (£5 – £20)
  • Go to the beach (FREE)
  • Go for a picnic (Food costs)
  • Swimming Baths (£10 – £40)
  • Visit a farm (Free – £30)
  • Have a waterfight (FREE)
  • Bowling (£20 – £40)
  • Inflatable Adventure Park (£15 – £40)
  • Trampoline Park (£15 – £40)
  • Cinema (£20 – £30)
  • Go to a zoo (£20 – £100)
  • Visit a new coastal town (£10 – £20)
  • Go to a castle (£10 – £40)
  • Visit a national park (£10 – £40)
  • Go-Karting experience (£30 – £60)

This is just a few of the things you can do to fill up the afternoon, see our shop page for a full range of pricing to visit and inflatable adventure park.

  • Evening summer fun

After being up early for the sunrise, you may be feeling the effects and may be getting tired. After you have refuelled with your tea have a look through the list below to see some free and paid options to spend your evening.

  • Movie night (FREE)
  • Garden movie night (FREE)
  • Walk under the stars (FREE)
  • Board gaming night (FREE)
  • Video gaming night (FREE)
  • Charades and other party word guessing games (FREE)
  • Evening meal (£20-£100)
  • Card games (FREE)
  • Cinema night (£20-£30)
  • Bowling (£20-£40)
  • Escape room experience (£40-£90)
Escape Room

These are just some of our summer fun tips, see our blog for more Money saving tips to make the most of school holidays and enjoy cost effective days out. Our blog also features parenting life hacks which you may also find interesting.

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